A Proper Introduction

A quick introduction:

Hello! Nice to meet you!! My name is Amy Kirchen but going forward you’ll know me as TGS (the guiding spoon), Am or A!  I am a mother of two beautiful girls; Kennedy (9) and Gisele (6). My hunky husband (see pictured) is named Christian. We have a silly pup named Dose. We love traveling, going to church and hanging out together in the kitchen.

Now onto serious things…like comparing myself to Jack Dawson…

I feel like Jack on the edge of the Titanic except I am screaming “HELLO WORLD”!!!! I promise to never refer to Jack again… Welcome to my first ever post! I’ll keep this short and sweet. This will be the only post that wont involve YOU + ME = US cooking together. TOGETHER- that is the key to my site. I promise to walk you (oops) GUIDE you through recipes new and old, classic and proven,  easy and healthy but most of all delicious. 99% of my recipes will be from scratch–except when its an ingredient that is too difficult or too costly from scratch OR we both are feeling lazy! You will find me a little goofy or weird or completely normal like you (HAHA!). I promise to deliver you a relationship with food that will bring you joy!! Please comment on recipes and feel free to share your own tips and tricks! I will do my best to respond to you in any form you contact me!! Besides, I can’t wait to get to know you!! I LOVE new friends!!!

A few things I cannot promise:

*My kids photobombing my pictures

*Posting my adorable husband’s hilarious jokes (seriously be prepared) and not to mention he is German (this means orginal German recipes (happy dance) more on that later..)

*Our silly greyhound named Dose (retired racing name) and his shenanigans and tricks to begging w/o begging for my cooking scraps

*Suggesting awesome wine pairings to my recipes ( we love wine!)

**My serious obsession with French music– and go figure I can’t speak the language!

**Grammatical errors ( I will do my best so correct me if you feel the need!!)

That’s it for now!

Peace, Love and Pan Grease




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