Why I created The Guiding Spoon:

I started TGS (The Guiding Spoon) to inspire others to get their hands dirty in the kitchen (besides cleaning)!! The kitchen is  for cooking and I believe it  should be all frills and no fuss.

I photograph each step-by-step recipe to give you confidence throughout the process. How many times have you asked yourself (while cooking) “Is it supposed to look like this?!” We can all use more kitchen confidence!

I believe the kitchen is the centerpiece in a home. A place where everyone loves to gather and a place to create food magic! (not tricky magic like a Criss Angel)

I hope you’re ready to journey through the kitchen together through my delicious recipes!

About Me:

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I stay at home with my two sweet girls. I previously owned my own boutique and clothing label but tossed my heels in last year to focus on my family.

I love to travel, eat food, photograph food, play barbies with my girls and yoga! I have a really cheesy sense of humor and tend to find myself funny. I am totally head over heels for my husband & family!